Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Little Brat

This Easter Season has made me stop and really think about what I am thankful for: Josh, the snow finally melting, the warm sunshine, my friends, sour candy, salt, and my family. The last one is the one I am focusing on today. For the longest time I would tell people that my family included my Mom (Toni) and my Dad (Mike.) However, there are actually two more...my stepmother (Linda) and her daughter, Samantha.

I remember the first day I met Sam like it was yesterday. I was in third grade, and I had just gotten the lead in our school play. As I was rushing into my dad's office to tell him the great news, I ran straight into a scraggly, freckled face little girl. "Olivia" my dad said. "I want you to meet Linda and her daughter Samantha. They will be having dinner with us tonight." Instantly, my incredible news was put on the back-burner.

Right away, I did not like Sam. First off, she kept scratching me. Then she took my favorite bathing suit, and she broke my rope swing. Not only that, she got to stay up later than me while I got sent to bed. As the weeks went on and turned into years, Sam became a permanent fixture in my life. Although, my initial dislike slowly turned into just moderate annoyance. She always seemed to be by my side doing something that irked my socks off. "The little brat!!!"

When I was in sixth grade, our parents got married. Sam was officially my sister. That was also the year that she and her mom moved in with us. For the first time in my life as an only child I had to SHARE! EEK! We shared a bathroom, and Sam was always blaring Garth Brooks and running into my room uninvited. However, as the years past we truly bonded. Only Sam really can relate to many of my family problems and issues, and she is truly one of my very best friends. She grew out of her scraggly self and is now a beautiful and accomplished young woman. I am thankful everyday that she is my sister, and I love her very much! So here's to Samantha Ann Ashley!

Also, I want to say thanks to another amazing person in my life: Senor Josh Maxwell. Not only is he funny, smart, and damn good looking....but he also can make a great steak! Get ready for a story about one of our adventures soon.

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