Thursday, March 4, 2010

For the Love of the Sweets

Yesterday marked the end of my experiment on Facebook. Unfortunately, the Candyganger did not catch on as quickly as the infamous Doppelganger. However, I have not given up hope. Thus in tribute to my love for candy and all things sweet, I am going to tell two different stories in which my love for the sugary good stuff caused me to tell my parents on two separate occasions that I hated them....I know what you are thinking "That is HORRIBLE!" But when I love something, I REALLY LOVE IT and can get rather emotionally charged.

We will start with the story that includes Toni!

Toni used to have a clothing store in Falfurrias (the town where I grew up) that was located right across the street from Dairy Queen. I love ice cream, and on this particular day my mom had offered to take me across the street for a Blizzard. However, some last minute customers came into the store, and she got tied up for a bit longer than was expected. Finally, at about 4pm we walked across the street, and I made my way to the counter. "I will have an Oreo Blizzard, please." I told the girl at the counter. She replied "Sorry we just used the last bit of our Oreos about 5 minutes ago. Would you like something else?" I didn't even respond. No! I didn't want something else. I wanted my Oreo Blizzard (if you know my home town it actually wouldn't surprise you that they ran out of these yummy cookies.) I immediately started pouting...lip out, arms crossed...the whole kit-n-caboodle. "Seeeeeeeeeee." I told my mom. "I knew they would run out." Toni being the awesome Mom that she is wouldn't have any of my attitude. "Come on. We are leaving." WHAT! I thought. Not only do I not get the Blizzard I wanted but now I am not getting anything. I was not about to stand for this. "I HATE YOU!" I told her. That was when I earned one of my only two spankings of childhood.

Now for the story about my father, Mike!

I have always loved sour candies, and when I was younger my grandmother would buy my cousins and me the ballpark sized container of Sour Powers. I was seriously addicted to these. Therefore, my dad set down the rule that I could only have them after dinner, but one day I rebelled. Usually when we first got home, my dad and I would go outside and feed our animals together. On this particular day though, I told my dad that I was too tired. The second he went out the door I made a bee-line for the pantry. I grabbed a fistful of Sour Powers, ran to the bathroom, and shut the door. When I was mid way munching on about my tenth candy, my dad opened the door. "Olivia...What are you doing?" he asked. "Nothing" I exclaimed....even though I had sugar all over my face. "You know those are only for after dinner" he commented. That was when I yelled it...those three not so magical words "I HATE YOU." That is when I earned the second of my two spankings of childhood.

In conclusion, I clearly love candy and sweets. However, I totally, completely, and 100% love my parents more! So here's to you Toni and Mike. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH, and I clearly do not hate either of you. Thank you for being the world's greatest parents. Not only did you both love me, care for me, and provide for me but you both also disciplined me. I am so thankful for you both, and again I love you!
Also, thank you to my beautiful grandmother Nean. She has also loved me unconditionally, and she was the amazing provider of those incredible sour delicacies! I love you Nene!


  1. are too cute! and i also love sweets enough that if someone deprived me, i'd shout i hate you..except, i'd probably mean it..

  2. Haha love this story, Olivia!! :)