Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the Road Again

Until my Toni and I go on another adventure, I thought I would write about some of our escapades from the past.

I have always been a friendly person. I like to smile, and I especially love to wave. When I was younger I absolutely loved to ride in the car with my momma and look out the window. The trip became even more fun when we would pull up to a red light or stop sign. This is where I had the chance to wave to the person in the car beside me. Sometimes they would wave back, smile, honk their horn, or just ignore me, but either way I enjoyed putting my hand up there and moving it back and forth!

One sunny day my mom and I were in Kingsville, TX driving to my favorite lunch spot...Yen Cheng, a Chinese restaurant. Right before we reached the restaurant, my mom and I stopped at red light. Of course, I did what I always did when we came to a complete stop; I looked out the window and waved at the person in the car next to us. It was an ugly green clunker with a creepy guy sitting in the driver's seat. However, I did not discriminate and went about my business of being friendly.

My wave must have given the creepster (we are going to name him Bartholomew and shorten it to Bart) the wrong impression. As Toni (my momma) and I pulled away from the light, Bart began to FOLLOW us! EEK! In an effort to get him off our tail, my mom skipped the parking lot entrance of Yen Cheng and kept on driving. We drove into a neighborhood and made a square block (you are supposed to do this to determine whether or not you are being followed.) Bart was still RIGHT BEHIND US. That was when my Momma's fighting instincts kicked in...She drove to the highway and put on the gas! We lost him on Highway 281 and eventually made it to our lunch spot safe and sound. However, that was the day that a new rule was put in place. I was no longer allowed to wave at strangers. I was pretty sad when she layed down this law, but then my hot and sour soup arrived!

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  1. Olivia! Just saw your facebook link and hopped on over. I didn't know you had a blog! Yay!