Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So until my mom and I go on another trip (which will hopefully be soon) I want to keep my blog going, but never fear! There are plenty of Toni and Olivia adventures from the past, present, and future to come.

Recently, while I was doing my weekly facebook stalking, I noticed that quite a few people on my home page had pictures of celebrities set as their profile picture. Apparently this is known as a doppelganger.
doppelganger (noun): a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart
Obviously Julia Roberts and Taylor Lautner are not out there haunting their facebook look alike. However, it did make me start thinking about how easily facebook influences our generation. I mean the second one person put a famous person up in their profile it hit like wildfire. So, I have decided to start my own facebook experiment with something I have created...the CANDYGANGER!
candyganger (noun): a candy double of a living person that forever haunts its living counterpart
Is there a candy that is remarkably like you? Can you not live without this candy? Here is how the experiment works:
  • For 2 weeks, I will have a picture of my candyganger set as my profile pic.
  • This candy will represent me, and I will document on how long it takes for people to get on board.
Here are some candyganger ideas to help you pick yours:
Gummy strawberries are yummy but take some time to chew. You might be a gummy strawberry if you are sweet but it takes people a little while to get to know you.
Hershey kisses melt in your mouth and are super delicious. You might be a kiss if you are a lover not a fighter.
This is mine! I am sweet but also have a tangy feisty side...just like a sour patch kid!

You might be a snickers if people want to grab you when they are hungry!


  1. OMG I love it!!!!! I am definitely doing this!!!!

  2. haha... I want people to grab me when they're hungry ;)